Wave Glider Breaks Barriers to Ocean Data Collection

Wave-Powered Ocean Robot for Real-Time Communications from Sea to Sky

We are enabling the ocean sensor network necessary to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. The Wave Glider®, the first wave and solar powered autonomous ocean robot has changed the paradigm. Designed to go everywhere, the Wave Glider has led the way to make ocean data collection and communications easier, lower cost, safer, and real-time.

Proven Platform

Designed to go everywhere, the Wave Glider is the most rugged unmanned vehicle in the ocean delivering real-time data.

Hurricanes navigated
Longest single mission (nm)
Total days at sea
Nautical miles traveled (to-date)
Data packets delivered (to-date)

Solutions for 24x7 Ocean Data Collection

With our partners, we address some of the oceans biggest challenges facing our defense, commercial, and science customers with lower risk and cost.

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